sequanta – quantitative consulting in financial sector

Professional support in the areas of business analysis, quantitative finance, and risk management

sequanta was founded in 2008 and is a network of experienced professionals in the area of quantitative consulting, business analysis and risk management. We work for successful companies in the financial services industry and help them to keep and extend a leading position in their market segment. From methods development and validation to implementation and testing we assist in every phase of challenging quantitative projects in finance. Our detailed knowledge in business and IT enables us to facilitate communication between the departments of our clients and to develop solutions meeting the functional requirements and fitting into the existing architecture.

Proficiency and experience are our assets. That is why all our members have at least three years experience in professional services. And all hold a master or PhD degree in science or econometrics. Combining strong communication and analytic skills, our network members smoothly integrate into every team and contribute to project success from day one.

Passion for quality

We act as professionals in a professional environment. Our clients have highest quality standards. We aim to meet and exceed their expectations. We pursue our work with enthusiasm and delivery results on schedule. Our client-specific solutions are setting the benchmark in quality and usability.
We only accept an order, if we are convinced to achieve client satisfaction. This is the basis of our quality promise.

Team work

Expertise is indispensable in professional business. But only in combination with strong communication skills this expertise will help to achieve sustained project success and ensure acceptance of the implemented solutions amongst all stakeholders.
We follow a cooperative approach with the willingness to listen and learn, to share our experience, to discuss and to guide – all to reach the common goal.
Our members perfectly blend into the client’s team with the ability to fill in different roles. And their long experience in project work enables them to analyze and optimize the team structure if necessary.

Business Partners

sequanta’s philosophy is networking. Joining knowledge and efforts to deliver quality to our clients is the central principle of all our activities. Complex projects might require knowledge in areas that cannot be covered by our expertise. That’s why the bundling of expertise is not restricted to our internal network.

The co-operation with adequate business partners is our way to onboard additional experience. Efficient sharing of knowledge and resources with our business partners is therefore the second pillar of our network philosophy.

We invite other consulting companies that follow similar network philosophies to enter into partnership relations with sequanta.